ISSUE: Google Replaces Some Nest Thermostats 

By: William Sikkens
Host, User Friendly 2.0 Saturday’s at 5:00 p.m.

For anyone using smart home devices, one of the biggest points of frustration happens when a component doesn’t work.  Google is having some of the same problems.

Nest was purchased by Google in 2014.  Since then, Google has rebranded the platform “Google Nest” and has removed some of the original open access infrastructure, which reduced the number of devices that could work with it.

If that isn’t enough, some nest users have been having issues with remote access to their smart thermostat.   While the device can still be adjusted manually, the remote control function is a key reason to spend around $250 for this component.

Google is recommending troubleshooting using “standard methods”.   If that doesn’t work they have been forced to ship a new physical replacement as they can’t fix it remotely.


Google hasn’t disclosed exactly what has gone wrong.  Speculation is that there was an update that disabled the wifi chip in the device.   This would cause it to stop being connected to a network.

When you invest in a smart home is it important to know “what will talk with what”.  In other words, some devices won’t work with all components.  The device manufacturers have to be compatible.   Users learned the hard way with a system called “Iris by Lowes”.   Lowes shut down their smarthome system, when they had too many devices stop working.  Lowes allowed for return of these components for a few months.  If you didn’t return during that window, you are left with an expensive paper weight.

If you have a Nest thermostat and it stops being accessible on your network,  you may need to contact Google and get a replacement.

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