Join us for this year’s 4th of July clip show – featuring the interviews you voted to hear again!

Featured this week:

Interview with Simpsons animator Phil Ortiz. Phil brings 30 years experience as a professional animator as well as background design supervisor for the Simpsons. (Original Airdate: 6-17-18).

Interview with D&D content creator Arcane Eye  to talk horror in campaigns and Halloween!  (Original Airdate: 10-30-21).

Interview with Gravity – jetsuits are a thing! The first ever jetsuit race was held this year in Dubai. We talk with 2 of the pilots, including the race’s winner, about this exciting new technology. Oh, and to be sure, our host Bill Sikkens is going to be going to their HQ in England in September to get a flight of his own! (Original Airdate: 5-18-24).

Finally, host Bill Sikkens talks how to hack landline telephones, known as “Phone Phreaking).  (Original Airdate:  5-25-24).

William Sikkens, Bill Snodgrass, Gretchen Winkler