Will AI Replace Programmers?


Is AI going to eliminate the need for programmers? Hi, this is Bill Sikkens, host of User Friendly 2.0 Saturday afternoons at five o'clock here on the answer Portland. This question has been circulating the news with services like ChatGPT and the others that are out there that have the capability to write source code. An article recently came out that suggested the idea that programmers may no longer have employment inside of five years and then we're gonna start seeing reductions in this area in the near future. This is an area that's been booming for employment. A lot of people are studying for it. And right now there is a lot of need for programmers, but could this all change? This Saturday at five o'clock on User Friendly, we're going talk about hiring and what's changing and what AI may or may not actually do in that and about why this might not be quite as dire is what everybody out there is talking about But; it will make some changes and what you might want to study to keep your skills current if you work in the software industry. Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock, User-Friendly 2.0 here on "The Answer" Portland.