We talk new tech for networks with much faster speeds.


Bill Sikkens 0:00

Hi, this is Bill Sikkens, host of User Friendly 2.0, Saturday afternoons at 5 o'clock here on The Answer Portland with this week's Tech Wednesday. Listener questions are coming in regarding network speeds, Wi-Fi speeds, and all kinds of things related to that because a lot of this has changed recently. We've talked Wi-Fi on the show before, but they're starting to come out with some new technologies and one of the ones that was released recently is Wi-Fi 6. With a mesh system, you can get much higher speeds than old Wi-Fi networks would offer, but there's six 6E, 6E Pro, and a lot of differences between these different technologies and more so than just price. But these aren't the only changes. On the wired network end, we now have 10 gigabit over copper, 2.5 gigabit, and all of these things are available. Of course, they do cost more money than what you already have now. What do you actually need to make your internet work? Check out our show this Saturday at five o'clock and we're going to dive into all of these different things and talk about what you wanna look at for your network for the future.