We talk new Virtual Reality headsets.

Bill Sikkens:

Virtual Reality is getting some new players in the market. Hi, this is Bill Sikkens, host of User Friendly 2.0, Saturday afternoons at five o'clock here on The Answer Portland. With Apple announcing their new Virtual Reality headset a couple of weeks ago at the Developers Conference at a price of a little over $3,000, we have a number of different entries into the Virtual Reality headset market now. Meta has had the Quest 2 out for a while and they're announcing a new version, the Quest 3, with some additional upgrades and new features - and Meta has dropped the price on the Quest 2. But what's happening with all of this stuff? We've talked about the metaverse and how that hasn't taken off quite like what's expected, but there still are a number of uses for virtual reality. There's even glasses now with this built-in that you can wear that doesn't require the full headset. And you can get those for a couple hundred dollars. But what works? What can all of these different devices do? And are they worth the price? Are they even something you want to deal with? Check out User Friendly 2.0 Saturday afternoon at five o'clock as we dive into virtual reality.