ISSUE:  Netflix listens to customers

Cord cutting continues to accelerate in 2020.  This term defines the action of many pay TV users  who have left conventional cable companies for streaming services like Netflix, which threatens classic cable providers.

A key component driving cord cutting, in addition to lower overall cost, is the freedom of choice.  It is important that the streaming companies keep their ears open to user needs and requests. Netflix has normally been good about listening to their users.  One notable exception to this has been an “autoplay” function which has generated many complaints.

This function causes videos to start without your selecting them just upon opening the Netflix software.   The company has announced today that you can turn this off. This comes to the cheer of many who use the service.


Cord Cutting started with services like Netflix and Hulu.   Netflix was founded in 1997 and started streaming in 2007. These are known as “over the top” services since they run on the Internet.   Since the more recent availability of regular broadcast and cable channels through these types of services many are moving away from traditional cable and satellite television.  In fact by 2021 eMarketer projects that 1 in 5 US households will be cord-cutters.

Choice and cost drive this change and both are required.   AT&T found out in 2019 that when they offered an Over the Top service that had the same restrictions and cost as transitional services subscribers shunned it.

If you are a Netflix subscriber and would like to turn off autoplay use the following procedure.  I was able to make this work from my computer but not from my Fire TV. Also, there does not appear to be any method to manage profiles through the Playstation either.   Once I turned it off on my computer it was also off my Fire TV.

OPen Netflix and select Manage Profiles.  Choose the account you would like to update.  Finally, uncheck the button that says “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices”.

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