By: William Sikkens
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For most of our West Coast audience it has been hot this past week.  The summer also looks to be hot.

When we think about air conditioning most of us probably would picture a classic system, either central or something like a window unit.  These systems work but use a lot of electricity and are expensive to maintain.   Many use chemicals or refrigerants that can be dangerous.  When it comes time to upgrade there are some new options to consider.

A new combination of the old.  

A combination of a water heater, air conditioner, and dehumidifier is believed to offer effective cooling solutions making your home more comfortable. This is a new invention that incorporates the idea of multi-purpose technology. And it is significantly beneficial.

These air conditioning units will reduce your energy costs, improve dehumidification control in your home, and offer other health benefits. Dehumidifiers will help maintain ideal and healthy moistness in your home. The air in your space will be cleansed to eliminate extra moisture. This prevents the development of molds that may have adverse effects on your health.

The energy released during the dehumidification is used for water heating. Through a repulse mode, the heated water is processed using an evaporative cooling technique. Where no cooling is required, the water is channeled out from the system.

A new take on a heat pump.

This new advanced technology is meant to replace the refrigerants used in the conventional air conditioners. The new cooling heat pump offers high energy efficiency levels. Thanks to its oversimplified mechanical design, it makes it more reliable than the old heat pump model.  It is built with fewer structural components to enhance its maintenance.

The new heat pump is created using the idea of slim technology applied in TV’s, mobile phones, and other hi-tech devices. It is slender, more appealing, and quieter. The insignificant noise emissions eliminate the need to wear earplugs while in your house.

You have a choice to keep your rooms cool without impacting the environment negatively. These heat pumps do not use refrigerants, known to be harmful to the atmosphere. No refrigerant leaks mean uninterrupted AC system efficiency. The heat pump will also occupy little space, translating to smaller AC units. This can be a great choice for your cooling needs.

A personal cooling cloud

This is a remarkable cooling technology targeted to offer air conditioning to the places most needed, focusing on smaller space. The air conditioner will move with you around and provide a cooling solution to a specific space you are occupying at the moment. It ensures no energy is lost in heating or cooling the entire house or room.

The AC system works through motion tracking. It can sense people beneath it and track their speed and location. Through the use of ceiling-mounted nebulizers, every individual is provided a cooling spray. The cool air from the nebulizer is what keeps you cool.

This cloud cast technology saves a lot of energy by reducing your heating and cooling costs. This idea of developing mobile responsive clouds for cooling is being adopted in the modern world.

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